Friday, November 26, 2010

Vegan MoFo: Chocolate Chip Scones

As you may have read the last time I tried to make scones I had some problems.  I was a little hesitant to try again but boy am I glad I didn't listen to that little voice in my head.  Vegan with a Vengeance had a wonderful recipe.  The recipe was for plain scones but gave measurements for other types of scones as well.  I decided on Chocolate Chip Scones.  A nice treat for a long weekend.

Batter pre chips

Chocolate Chips folded in

Ready to go into the oven


Airy and fluffy

These were amazing.  My scone making days are no longer tarnished.  Do you have a favorite recipe?


  1. Your scones look perfect - I think I'd choose these over the (pricey) chocolate chip scones sold in Danish bakeries any day! :)

    My favorite scones are probably pumpkin-raisin and apple; but chocolate chip scones are on top of the list as well...

  2. These look yummy. Did you get 16 like the recipe says?

  3. I actually think I got a few more. But my size might have been a little smaller. It felt like I had a ton. Days of scones :).