Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vegan MoFo: Vegan Beer Fest Food Trucks

I had an amazing food adventure at Vegan Beer Fest.  Yes I said food adventure.  I felt like I was in vegan heaven. The food offered by the trucks was mind boggling.  Add beer to that and what more could a gal want.  Although I didn't sample everything I did try at least one item from every truck. There were so many options where to start?

Doomie's had some wonderful looking options and my friend had already tried their Jalapeno poppers so off I went. 

Doomie's Jalepeno Poppers

What's not to love with a sign like this

The woman sitting near us suggested we get these.  She couldn't stop raving about them so this was one of our must get items from Doomies. They were fantastic.

Buffalo Legs from Doomie's (so popular they sold out)

The cupcake was sinfully good.  Moist, light, fluffy and chocolate everything I could want.

Amalia's cupcakes (to die for)

A Vegan Beerfest special from Yalla.  I was enjoying the food so much I forgot to make note of the name.... ooppps.  Just know it was scrumptious.

Chipotle Spicy Falafel from Yalla

Seabirds Menu (drool)

Taco decadences.  The creamy richness of the avacado mmmmmm.

Seabirds Beer Battered Avacado Taco
Had to show a picture of our Beer fest mug with food of course
First time I've ever tried Jackfruit I'm sold!

Seabirds Potato Jackfruit Taquitos

Spicy Pumpkin Muffin from Seabirds truck

These spring rolls from Mandoline Grill were out of this world.  I heard someone compare the crunch of the spring roll to a churro which was right on the money but the banana just puts it over the top.

Crispy banana spring roll rolled in cinnamon and sugar

The Fresh Fries were fantastic.  My friends and I split an order.

Yalla Fries with some Doomie sauces

Such a cute logo

We ate our Frankenstand frank so fast I didn't get a picture of it but it was great.


This was so much fun.  Well organized, no outrageous lines, delicious beer & food, meeting new people and music to boot.  I hope it becomes an annual event..  A good time was had by all.  Thanks again to everyone's hard work for putting this event together.  Maybe I'll see you there next year.

Just to show you a little of the beer too!


  1. Oh i am so jealous, why do we not have such delicious looking vegan and vegetarian eat out fests in the U.K.

  2. Is it terrible that I want to challenge you to a duel after reading this?!

    I'm so envious I could just die :)

    Great post!!

  3. Wow, I'd love to go to a beer festival with so much delicious vegan food.

  4. How fun! I, too, had a lunch-cart vegan dog today. Total awesomeness.

  5. I am so jealous! Is this an annual event? It feels road trip worthy. Great post!

  6. I'm jealous for so many reasons: Vegan Food, Vegan Beer, and being in my homeland. Looks delicious!

  7. @Kit ... this was the first event but there is talk (and hope) that it will be an annual event.

  8. Omg! Met you at the vegan beer fest, love your blog! After meeting you and your friends... I am going to begin the transition to becoming vegan. Hope to see you at the Doomies opening or a Spork Foods cooking class. Those Buffalo Legs were AMAZINGGG!!

  9. @Jennifer... If I am remembering correctly you are the one who suggested the Buffalo Legs! They were fabooo. Congrats on the vegan transition! If you have any questions I'm happy to offer help / suggestions with my limited knowledge. The Spork classes are great if you get to one please send me an email letting me know when you are going and I will try to go to that one too. Great meeting you.

  10. HAHA Yes I was!! AMAZINGGGG. Well I am actually going to the Thanksgiving Feast this Sunday @11! Hope to see you there!

  11. @ Jennifer I am going to class this weekend but I'm in the 4pm class on Sunday. Sorry I'll miss you. You will LOVE Heather & Jenny. They are wonderful. Have a great class and let me know how it goes.

  12. THE CLASS WAS AMAZING!!! They were great! I cannot wait to attend another one, and I cannot wait to make those recipes for Thanksgiving!! How amazing were the Pumpkin Bundt Cakes?!