Monday, October 31, 2011

Vegan MoFo: Happy Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!  I hope you have a great one.  I can't believe today is the last day of Vegan MoFo.  In honor of our last day and halloween I decided to make a Haunted Halloween Cake from Chef Chloe's website.

Halloween has always been a time of year I enjoy.  Dressing up and being someone else for an evening, what's not to love.  When I was younger trick or treating and getting all that candy was a dream come true.

In our neighborhood we had "the block" and 'the big block' (basically 2 blocks).  On halloween we always wanted to go around the big block because we knew our haul would be bigger.  Plus all of our neighbors were so great and spoiled the kids.

One of our neighbors had a really long drive way and every year they would have a haunted house.  It was, of course, a small scale haunted house but so much fun.  When you walked down the driveway you would start hearing eerie noises and sometimes a "monster" would jump out from the bushes and scare you.  Once inside they had a special room set up.  There was a table with bowls on it and you would close your eyes and feel what was in the bowls while they narrated.  And of course, someone would be under the table ready to frighten the person who showed the least fear.  It was FANTASTIC. So much time and thought put into this.  It's a wonderful memory from my childhood.

In homage to that memory I made a chocolaty gooey haunted cake.  This is the first layer cake I've made in awhile.  I'm always a little "frightened" of them.  The cake was rally easy to make and most importantly easy to put together.

The lovely orange frosting just pushes this over the halloween edge.

The lovely chocolate ganache was easy to spread on top and easy to work with.

Top of cake with "cobweb"
 As you can see from my cobweb I've never been much of an artist but I think you get the basic idea.

 I'm taking this in to share with my co-workers so I haven't had a piece and can't tell you how it tastes all together but the elements were pretty good.  I had a little bit of the cake that stuck to the plate and it wasn't to sweet and was really moist.

I'll update you after it's been shared at work.  What are you doing for halloween?  Making anything special?  It's been wonderful being part of MoFo this year.  Looking forward to next year.


  1. Great cake, I've just been looking at this recipe on Chloes website! Your co-workers will be well pleased!

  2. Looks fabulous! I love Chloe, she's so sweet and offers really great recipes.
    Lucky coworkers you have!