Saturday, October 20, 2012

Deluce sin Leche

I was trying to figure out what to make for the people I am working with right now.  The project we are  on right now is almost over and I wanted to bring in a treat.  I thought of ice cream but in my oh so prepared (not really) way I was missing an ingredient.

Dulce Sin Leche
Of course I discovered this after I went to the supermarket.  Not wanting to make another trip out I starting looking at my cookbooks.  Oh how I love cupcakes.  I'd been eyeing the "Dulce Sin Leche " recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World.  As luck would have it I had all of the ingredients!  Three cheers for happy accidents.

Out of the oven

The recipe is really easy to make.  When the cupcakes came out of the oven there was a little "sinkage" in the areas where the caramel was stirred in.

The "dulce" (caramelly) part requires a bit of cooking time and lots of stirring.  Here are my thoughts.... yes I have those once in awhile.  I LOVED the cake part, thought it was fantastic.  To my tastes the caramel portion didn't have exactly what I was looking for.  I could have messed something up when cooking these as it was another early morning baking session.  But next time I make these I think I would try a different recipe for the caramel portion.  Do you have a recipe you would suggest?


  1. Snap, I made cakes for work and they were a new recipe from VCTOTW. You've inspired me to try this recipe now. Thank you x

  2. Those look really good...even if the caramel wasn't amazing.

  3. You must have won coworker of the month for these bad boys - if someone had turned up on my doorstep with these, I think I would have proposed!

  4. As one of the lucky coworker recipients, I can say these were fantastic! Thank you thank you thank you!