Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wicked Wednesday: HAPPY HALLOWEEN

I can't believe it's Halloween.  31 days of vegan MoFo check, treats for Halloween check, discovering new blogs check, finding new friends in the blogosphere check,  and doing a food swap check.  What a fun ride this has been.

When I signed up for my third vegan mofo I didn't know if I would be able to post often enough let alone every day.  As many of you have know from my earlier posts work has been crazy this month.  I managed to post everyday.  Do you hear the theme from Rocky going off now?

I was trying to figure out what to make today and came across some vegan halloween treats that left me inspired.  Wing-It Vegan did some great halloween posts for a previous Vegan Mofo and I loved the look of her pumpkin shaped shortbread cookies.  I made the chocolate shortbread cookies from Wing-It Vegan and used the icing from Chef Chloe as some of my friends don't care for pumpkin.  As this recipe didn't make a lot of cookies I didn't try any so I just gave one to my co-worker and forced asked him to try it.  Here is what he thinks: the cookie has a nice crunch, he enjoys it with the frosting and felt on it's own it might be a little dry.  Sounds like these are a great "sandwich" type cookie.  He did enjoy it and ate the entire cookie!  YIPPEE!  Another vegan baking win.

I was also inspired by this Coffin Cake.  I wasn't sure I had a steady enough hand to shape the cake but I found some tiny coffin molds and decided to try them out.

Nightmare before Christmas coffin Cake??
I used Chef Chloe's recipes for the chocolate cake and icing.  I made the cake last year and knew I liked it.  Some of the coffins broke coming out of the mold.  I figure by next year I'll have this down.

These are a big hit.  Sadly the photos aren't that great but I think you get the idea.

What kind of treats are you making for Halloween?  It's been a great month!  Happy last day of MoFo!


  1. Alas, I'm not making anything over here - just enjoying everyone else's fabulous posts! Coffin cake? Yes please!

  2. The cookies and cakes look nice and spooky! :)

  3. I made sandwiches on brain bread. Coffin cake moulds, amazing, you guys really do Halloween well.

  4. Oh man, why didn't I get coffin molds for Halloween? Day of the dead even passed. Great idea! Congrats on posting everyday for MoFo! Quite a feat! Rocky and Chariots of Fire are now jumbled in my head.