Thursday, October 28, 2010

I think I've gone crazy!

As you can tell from my blog I started it just a few days ago.  I sent a link to a fellow vegan, who also blogs, to share my excitement in this blogging adventure..

I received a quick response and was told that there is this wonderful vegan blogging event happening starting November 1st.  It's called Vegan MoFo.... the name alone makes me want to join.  I looked at the link sent to me with more information and have decided to participate in this event.  A post everyday!  What have I gotten myself into.... eek.

I am moving forward with positive thoughts and a great mantra   "I THINK I CAN,  I THINK I CAN,  I THINK I CAN".

Only 4 days left and then Vegan MoFo 2010 starts.

Stay tuned.

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