Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Telling your family

So now I'm on my vegan journey and I realize that I haven't shared this with my family yet.

My sister is the first person on my "hit list". She hasn't eaten red meat since high school so my gut tells me this is a good place to start.   When I tell her I've decided to be Vegan not only was I amazed at how supportive and helpful she was but the many recipe suggestions have been amazing.  We have been to many vegan restaurants together and a couple of them she suggested as they were new favorites of hers. It has been great and fun because we have been hanging out more with each other either trying out a new restaurant or cooking.  I've noticed that since I've become vegan she has cut down her chicken consumption which puts a bit of a smile on my face.

My mothers response when I told her was "Not another one of you".  I explained to her that I had more of a restrictive diet now then my sister and knew  she had heard me. The funny thing about her comment is the next day I got a call from her telling me she had been testing out recipes for me and she made this amazing quinoa she thought I would really enjoy.  I think she didn't know how to respond to me but she couldn't be more supportive even if she doesn't understand why.

How did your family respond when you told them you were vegan?


  1. (Sorry if you get this post twice--don't think the first one went thru)...anyway, most people just raised their eyebrows and were probably thinking, "Great, what am I going to feed you when you come over, or worse, what are you going to feed ME when I come over?!" It seems like telling people you're a vegan is like "coming out" (or so I assume) because we fear what people are going to think/say--it has become this huge "secret" that you have to tell people before they catch you in the act at a vegan restaurant. :) I guess, it doesn't matter when it comes down to it. They'll see the results on you and with any luck, will be the ones telling others they're vegan. Say it loud, say it proud! I'm a vegan!

  2. Thanks for the post April. I did get the first one but this had more in it so I published this one.

    I agree with you. I feel like the reaction some people have had has been surprising and judgmental. I am having such a great time with my new eating choice. Trying new recipes, cooking more, going to new restaurants, and meeting new people. It's been a fantastic journey for me so far and I only see it getting better.

  3. popcorn at the movies....yes or no
    If you say no I'm not on board!

  4. I've been thinking of becoming vegan and I can already see this being a huge problem with my family :(