Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vegan MoFo: Garden

A few years ago I put in some raised beds so I could grow fruits and vegetables. I also planted about 10 fruit trees.  Although summer is over and many of the plants have died, the food from the garden is so amazing and fresh.  It is a great feeling  going out to the garden to pick my food and then prepare it for a meal.  Wonderful fresh veggies and fruit couldn't be better.

One of the raised beds

Fig Tree

Broccoli and radishes


Ready to be picked

Artichoke plant
These cherry trees should produce some fruit this coming year I can't wait.

Cherry Trees
I had never hear of this type of fruit before but the leaves are a beautiful deep redish color. I remember thinking if I never get one fruit off of the tree I will still be happy because it's so gorgeous.  Who knew I was in for such a treat,with the gorgeous flowers.

Spicy Aprium

Gorgeous Flowers


Fresh mint



Fresh Basil

Nothing better then a tomato from your garden

I've started my fall crop and can't wait for those veggies to arrive.  It is a great way to get outdoors and spend time with friends or family who are willing / interested in helping.

What are your favorite vegetables to grow? herbs?


  1. Beautiful garden! I too recently put in raised beds, and I've planted about 25 fruit trees in my yard. My favorite so far are the pomegranates, but I'm looking forward to when my avocado trees start producing fruit.

  2. Wow! Iwish I had a garden! I'd grow artichokes!

  3. Just found your blog. Happy MoFo! Your garden pic's are beautiful! Herbs are the easiest things for me to grow because they are in pots and the gophers don't get to them.

  4. Fabulous garden! So cool you're growing a pomegranate tree. I've never seen asparagus in seed before. Your broccoli is gorgeous too.

  5. Wow, your garden looks so good! Amazing. I'd love to grow my own vegetables one day, too. This is inspiring - thanks for posting the pictures! :)

  6. Gardens make me so happy. I love those pink flowers!! Our timing for planting this fall was perfect. We got two days of excellent rain righ after we planted...a rarity here in AZ. We planted kale, chard, arugula, red and green lettuce, parsley, dill, radish, carrots, cucumber, bush beans. Our artichoke, herbs, and jalapenos made it through the summer. My jalapenos are going crazy. I'm going to need to be featuring more jalapeno dishes in my Mofo posts.

    Your garden is awesome!!