Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vegan MoFo: Kitchen Mistakes

I was so excited today when my morning began, unlike last weekend I had some time to cook.  Last weekend can only be described as "Veganpalooza".  It was a packed weekend with great vegan events.

Friends were coming over to clear out some of their items from my garage.  Perfect "excuse" to make some type of baked goods.  Mmmmm scones are a great morning item and I have a wonderful recipe.  Lemon Ginger Scones with Maple Cinnamon Butter.   Mmmm delish and my friends would love them.

Mixed Dry ingredients

I started the process of making them, rolled them out and even cut them.

Ready to get rolled out

mmm almost ready to cut

Well they didn't look beautiful but I knew they would be yummy.  After the alloted time I went to check on them and my heart sank.  No one likes to admit when something doesn't turn out correctly but my friend were arriving soon and there was no way to hide the evidence before they arrived.  The bottoms were burned but the tops never got golden brown.  There was no crunch to my scones.  My oven has a mind of its own sometimes and gets a bit to hot.  Sadly this was one of those times.

Charcoal anyone???

My friend is so great she tried one anyone.  She said they had more of a muffin texture but they were really good.  And she did like the butter .... nothing burned there :) .

Here is a picture of what they would have looked like.

To die for when they don't burn

Next time they will work I'm sure.  What's been your biggest kitchen disappointment?

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  1. Oh that makes me sad! those scones do sound super delicious and it sucks that your oven wasn't very reliable. But I'm glad your friend still liked them! and maple cinnamon butter sounds amazing...