Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Food Help Needed

Hi everyone.  I'm hoping that someone can offer me some help.  My father has recently decided to try veganism for health purposes.  He really misses having an egg and sausage breakfast every once in awhile.

Sadly he live in such a small town they don't offer tofu or an faux meats.  Does anyone have a suggestion of where I might be able to mail order some items so he can make his own "egg and sausage" breakfast?

Any good "faux sausage" brand I should keep my eye out for?  I haven't tried any of those since becoming vegan.

Thanks for any and all help.


  1. That's great that you're dad is interested in eating vegan!

    You could try the Pangea Vegan Store online for some of those types of products. Although it can be costly to order items that need refrigeration, they do sell things like silken tofu, which doesn't need to be kept cold, and it works well for vegan omelettes and the like.

    They also sell various dry mixes for making patties and things like that, maybe they have some for sausages.

    As for ready-made sausages...I recommend the Field Roast sausages, but they don't have a variety that is specifically a breakfast sausage. I've also had the Smart Links Breakfast Sausages, which are good, if a little on the salty side.

    I think they sell a lot of those types of things on Amazon too...I know you can buy vital wheat gluten and tofu there for sure. If your dad likes to be adventurous in the kitchen, maybe he could try making some of his own vegan sausages. Vegan Dad blog has some good recipes for homemade seitan breakfast sausages.

    Sorry for the long-winded reply; hope that helps.

  2. Good for your dad!! Not sure where he is located or if you would consider a non-vegan suggestion, but when I was vegetarian I used to eat the Morningstar Farms frozen sausage patties. My husband still enjoys them although I no longer eat them as they are veg, not vegan, and have a very long ingredient list. But from a health standpoint unless he's avoiding isolated soy protein, etc, it might be a good alternative. I do like Tofurkey sausage but it's not a breakfast kind of sausage and it might be more difficult to find.

    I also like homemade sausages like those from Vegan Brunch if you wanted to send him a batch. Those are good, but not too much like regular sausage.

    I don't have any egg suggestions if he can't get tofu.

  3. It warms the cockles of my heart to know that dad's darling daughter is thinking of me.

  4. I just came across this:


  5. There are a few places you could order from online, depending on where he is located. Vegan Essentials is in the midwest, Pangea is on the East Coast, and Food Fight Grocery out west.

    For a good sausage substitute our family likes:


    A pre-made tofu scramble mix:

    Tofu that doesn't require refrigeration:

    If you are interested in a recipe for tofu scramble, there is one on my blog.


  6. Thank you guys sooooo much for the information.

    Celeste I'm going to check out that vegan scramble mix.

    April what a great link can't wait to show my dad.

    OMG Dad you made me smile this morning when I saw you posted. :)

  7. I really like Gimme Lean. It comes in a tube and my little grocery store has it. I can't eat it all though so slice it up and freeze it. Works well and have a real good sausage flavor/texture, I think.