Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vegan MoFo: Sweet Potato Lentil Chili

I can't believe it's almost over.  It seems like yesterday I jumped in this not sure if I would make it.  Today I post my last Vegan MoFo post with a bit of sadness.  I can't believe so many people have checked out my blog and posted comments.  It's been a wonderful journey and great fun.  I had no plan or idea how I was going to do this but just enjoyed each new day / post as it arrived.

This morning I cracked open Eat, Drink and Be Vegan and decided to make the Sweet Potato Lentil Chili.  I have recently become "addicted" to sweet potatoes so this sounded great to me.  Lots of great spices: nutmeg,chili powder, and cumin to name a few.  I think the longest part was chopping the veggies and waiting for it to finish cooking.  The smells coming from the stove were great!

Lots of goodies in the pot

A little mix precooking

Adding liquids

Cooking down

Sadly I wasn't able to upload a finished  picture before I left for work so I hope to add that in tonight.
I got my first taste of this delicious chili at lunch.  It is wonderful.  I love the flavor that the sweet potato adds combined with the lentils it's amazing.  This will be a dish I make again.

I've seen this survey on many blogs during Vegan MoFo.  I'm not sure where it started but I thought it would be a great way to end Vegan MoFo.

What is one food you thought you’d miss when you went vegan, but don’t?
When I first became vegan I didn't really think about the food I would miss.  Later I thought I might have cravings but I haven't really.  If I'm honest with myself there is nothing I really miss.  I find this surprising at time but it also makes me happy because I know I'm not feeling deprived.

What is a food or dish you wouldn’t touch as a child, but enjoy now?
I'm trying to think of one but I think I ate pretty much anything.  My mother was great as she never made us eat anything.  She said we had to try everything on our plate and if we didn't like it we could spit it out.  Maybe sweet potatoes....  we never really had those and I always thought people made them as casseroles with marshmallows but now I can't get enough of them.... MMMMMMM.

What vegan dish or food do you feel like you “should” like, but don’t?
Kiwis.  My sister loves them and thinks I'm crazy because I don't like them.  I shudder at the thought eeee, papayas too. 

What beverage do you consume the most of on any given day?
Water.  I have some ice tea but everyday water is my main drink.  Luckily I've never been much of a soda person although an occasional Root Beer is nice.

What dish are you “famous” for making or bringing to gatherings?
I'm not sure that I'm famous for anything.... but I've made a few dishes since becoming vegan that have been big hits.  Pumpkin Muffins and a portebello salad that was a huge hit.  I can't wait to bring more vegan treats to parties.  

Do you have any self-imposed food rules (like no food touching on the plate or no nuts in sweets)?

What’s one food or dish you tend to eat too much of when you have it in your home?
Sweet & Sara Peanut Butter Smores   I try to tell myself to only eat a little of it but usually end up eating the s'more faster than I thought I would.

What ingredient or food do you prefer to make yourself despite it being widely available prepackaged?
Desserts. I've been disappointed with many I've tried.

What ingredient or food is worth spending the extra money to get “the good stuff”?
Dark chocolate. Sunpower Cafe Spicy Kale Chips (1st time I had these I ate the whole box yum!)

Are you much of a snacker? What are your favorite snacks?
Sometimes.  I love hummus, baby carrots, honeycrisp apples.

What are your favorite vegan pizza toppings?
Believe it or not I haven't had vegan pizza yet... on my to do list.  Here is what I would think spinach,artichoke hearts,  portebello mushrooms, garlic, and jalapenos. A little spice is always nice.

What is your favorite vegetable? Fruit?
Veggie would be Kale or swiss chard or sugar snap peas  :).... ok not just one but who can limit it to one.  Fruit would be berries.  

What is the best salad dressing?
Not huge on salad dressing gal but a little balsamic or red wine vinegar is always good.

What kind of soup do you most often turn to on a chilly day or when you aren’t feeling your best?
Lentil Soup.

What is your favorite cupcake flavor? Frosting flavor?
Haven't tried enough to know what my favorite vegan cupcake would be. 

What is your favorite kind of cookie?
Not sure I have a favorite.  Maybe a good peanut butter cookie.

What is your most-loved “weeknight meal”?
Love a good bowl of soup with a side of greens.

What is one dish or food you enjoy, but can’t get anyone else in your household to eat?
Not an issue.

How long, in total, do you spend in the kitchen on an average day?
Depends but I would say about an hour during the week and longer on the weekends 2-3 hours (maybe little more) on weekends.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to stop by.  It's been great.

Until next year!!!!


  1. ED&BV is one of my favorite cookbooks! And, it looks like we have a ton of similar survey answers. :)

  2. Looks like a really good recipe, judging by the pictures; thanks for posting it! I will definitely have to check out that book sometime. :)

  3. this looks so good! thanks for posting, i am def going to make this soon

  4. It is sad!! But VMF got us some more followers, bonus!! That is some lovely-looking soup. I have 2 sweet potatoes hanging out in my kitchen, but I think I am going to make some chips. Maybe I'll get that cookbook sometime soon. Great blog!

  5. I'm sad that MoFo is over, but I am so happy to have made so many new bloggy friends :) Eat, Drink and Be Vegan is on my Christmas list and you better believe I'll be making this chili as soon as I get my hands on that recipe. In fact, I may need to try my own version sooner than that, I love the way sweet potatoes and lentils sound together in chili!

  6. I also started my blog just some days before Vegan MoFo, and had no idea what to expect! It was great. Thanks for stopping by. Read you around!!

  7. I recently fell in love with sweet potatoes too. This recipe calls to me. I will have to try it out.