Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Madeleine Bistro

My friend over at Hugger Food was one of the many telling me how wonderful Madeleine Bistro is.   I had been hearing about it for months but didn't make it out there until this past weekend.  Boy did it live up to the raves!

My friends and I went for the Valentines Day Weekend Special.  It was out of this world.  I only wish I had a proper camera so I could have some photos to share with you.  Next time I promise (as I will be returning).

We all decided to go with the 5 course prix fix menu.  It was a splurge but boy was it worth it.  Here were our choices:

1st Course:  Soup

New England style “Clam” chowder
Wild mushroom bisque, grilled shiitakes, portobella bacon, chive oil

We all went with the New England style "Clam" Chowder.  

2nd Course: 

Red beet tartare, warm tofu cheese crouton, cucumber, balsamic glace 
Cajun Caesar salad, blackened tempeh, hearts of romaine, sourdough croutons 
Deconstructed nicoise salad, fried “egg”, potato salad, haricots verts, baby arugula,vinaigrette

We had heard from our friends over at Spork Foods that the Deconstructed Nicoise Salad was to die for.  We all ordered that.  We couldn't stop raving about it as we ate it.  Everything in there was so perfect.  If that had been the end of my meal I would have left a happy woman but there was more.

3rd Course:  Small Plate

Panko-crusted seitan schnitzel, herbed spaetzle, celery root puree, parsley coulis 
Grilled shiitake mushrooms and their puree, polenta, haricots verts, smoked paprika creme 
Lemon-rosemary seitan, asparagus crepe, rice cake, zucchini saute 
Grilled eggplant steak, artichoke risotto, pan-roasted cauliflower and its puree, bearnaise

My friends got the Panko-crusted seitan schnitzel while I ordered the Lemon-rosemary seitan.  My dish was AWESOME!  I could have done a little happy dance right there.  The seitan was tender and flavorful.  The asparagus crepe was out of this world.  It was hard but I did share some of it with my friends.  I took a taste of the schnitzel and it was really good as well.

4th course: Cheese Plate

Trio of cheeses in savory cannoli, Boursin, Chardonnay, smoked

These were great.  The taste varied so nicely with each cannoli.

5th Course:  Dessets

Deconstructed “Twix” bar...chocolate ganache, caramel, shortbread cookie 
Chocolate souffle, vanilla ice creme 
Green tea panna cotta, trio of fruit sorbets and their coulis 
Lemon meringue tart, fresh berry compote, white chocolate sorbet

The "Twix" is not on their normal menu so this was the only choice for me.  I was in heaven from bite one.  It was out of this world.  I am still thinking about it.

What a wonderful evening to remember. I know where I want to go for my birthday.  MMMMM.

Again sorry for no pictures.  If only my phone had a flash.

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  1. I'm so happy you finally made it to Mad's! The meal sounds divine (as always) and it seems you made excellent choices.

    Thank you for the shout out! XO