Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vegan Moments

I'm sure everyone has had a vegan moment that makes them smile or think "Wow that was great".  I recently had two moments back to back and wanted to share them.

The other day I was speaking with a co-worker and the subject of beer came up.  I started telling her about Tonys Darts Away because they have such an amazing selection of hand crafted beers.  I went there a few weeks ago and had an amazing vegan meal and wonderful bear.  My co-worker had heard about them.  Her boss gave her a gift certificate for Tonys at Christmas.  I was so excited I left with a little hop in my step after we spoke  :).

The second instance happened this morning.  I was shopping at a local market and noticed they had an area marked vegan with treats on it.  I decided to go and investigate it.  As I picked up the items I noticed that one of them wasn't vegan.  I went over and told one of the men who worked there and he couldn't have been nicer about it.  He thanked me for letting him know,  went over to the display right away and started removing the items.  Then he showed a co-worker and she said "I don't know why someone put those there they aren't vegan".  Before I left he had removed all of the non-vegan items from the display (even the ones hidden under another item).  It was a great moment.  I was so happy I said something.  It also reminds me we always need to read the labels not just think we are getting something vegan.

What's been your great vegan moment?

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