Friday, April 1, 2011

Sweet E's Bakery

I heard about Sweet E's awhile ago and was thrilled to learn that they offered some vegan treats.  One day while running errands I decided to stray from my path and stop by the bakery.  Boy was it worth the trip.  I was told by the woman behind the counter that they usually have one vegan flavor in the store as they don't sell a lot of them daily.  This was my lucky day not only did they have 3 vegan cupcakes but there were also some vegan brownies.  I purchased a dozen mini-cupcakes and a few brownies.

Great packaging for the mini cupcakes... they had their own little "slot"

These treats were delicious.  I was told by the woman who helped me that her favorite cupcakes in the store were the vegan chocolate ones, even though she isn't vegan.  She couldn't have been more helpful and answered many questions for me.
mmm brownies

Triple threat

Red velvet, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes

The cupcakes were moist and the perfect size.  For my taste there was a bit to much frosting but that is easy to eat around.  I gave some to my friends and they loved them.  Big hit with the vegan and non-vegan people.
I would recommend checking out Sweet E's if you have the chance.  You can also order a selection of vegan cupcakes and have the variety ready and waiting in the store for pick up.

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