Friday, April 1, 2011

Veggie Grill

This was a great day for me to things checked off my to do list.  I took my mother to her first completely vegan restaurant and I got to try Veggie Grill for the first time.  Two carrots with one knife.  Love it when I can get things knocked off my list.

My mother got the Baja Fiesta.  It looked great but I'm not a big fan of papaya so I steered clear.

Baja Fiesta

I'd heard about the "burgers" there and thought I'd order that.  I tried it El Dorado style as I love all things spicey.
V-Burger El Dorado style

This meal was worth the trip.  At the end of the meal I mentioned to my mother why I didn't order the salad.  Her response "I don't like papaya either.  I didn't realize it had papaya on it but the salad was so good I ate all of it including the papaya."
Side of Steamin Kale
Do you have a favorite Veggie Grill item?

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