Monday, April 25, 2011


My birthday was a few weeks ago and I feel as if I am still celebrating.  So many friends have wanted to take me out from yummy vegan food.  It has been wonderful.

On my birthday I was taken out for a great lunch by some co-workers.  Later that day I was surprised by a vegan cake from Sweet Lady Janes.  My friend / co-worker / boss Milly is so amazing and often brings me vegan goodies when she finds them or tells me about food to check out.  She surprised me with this wonderful cake.  My co-workers gobbled it up and said they never would have known it was vegan.  :)

Vegan Red Velvet cake from Sweet Lady Jane's

Later that week I went with my friend from Hugger Food to Cafe Gratitude for another amazing birthday food fest.  I'd been here once before since they opened in Southern California and it did not disappoint.
The food was fantastic,  just what I needed after a long work week.

I got "I am Grounded" (roasted potatoes - garlic and olive oil roasted red skin potatoes topped with spicy cashew nacho cheese and pink sea salt) and "I am Vibrant" (seasonal greens sauteed with garlic and pumpkin seeds).  I love this combination.  I ate the greens first as I felt like the potatoes were a lovely treat and want to save them for as long as I could.  The greens were magical,  I'm not sure how else to describe them.


This was a wonderful birthday.  Great friends, food, conversation and FUN.  Thanks to everyone who celebrated it with me.

What's your favorite vegan birthday treat?


  1. I think it's funny that you ordered my favorite Cafe Gratitude meal on your birthday, but I love it! I'm so happy I was able to celebrate with you.

  2. Yes, you are loved! It was fun celebrating your birthday. Can't wait until the next one!