Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drool worthy Easter Menu at Madeleine Bistro

I came home from a wonderful Easter day and grabbed my computer so I could start writing about the brunch I shared with my friends at Madeleine Bistro today.  After my last brunch experience at Madeleine's I couldn't wait for Easter to arrive.  I'd been counting down the days.  The Easter specials looked amazing.  And this time I have some pictures to share  :).

Here is a list of the Easter brunch items:

Breakfast Pastries, including:
Assorted donuts
Almond & dried cherry scones

Green “Eggs and Ham”
Home fries, toast, portobella bacon, hollandaise sauce

Ham and cheese omelet
Grilled asparagus, home fries

Southwestern quiche
Baby lettuces with chipotle dressing

Strawberry-rhubarb crepes
Toasted almonds, whipped creme

Thank goodness I was on my own because there might have been a moment of drooling.

First on the hit parade were the chocolate covered donuts.  These were so delicious.  Fluffy melt in your mouth goodness.  The first time I tried these my friend and I ordered a few to go.  Huge hit at the restaurant and home.

Chocolate covered donuts
Second up were the wonderful beignets.  These were dusted with cinnamon sugar with a side of fresh compote.  Heavenly!
Beignets with scrumptious compote

Third course items were as followed:

A green eggs & ham Easter special that I ordered.  Who could resist a Dr Seuss inspired dish.  The portebello bacon was out of this world.  I could have eaten it by the truck load.
"Green Eggs and Ham" with portebello bacon, homefries, and toast


How did he do it
The ham and cheese omelet ordered by one of my friends.

"Ham and cheese omelet"
And my fellow blogger / friend over at I Dream of Greenie ordered the Tofu benedict.  This was her first time at Madelines and I knew she wouldn't be disappointed.  The crispy potato goodness on the plate instead of an english muffin really pushes this dish over the top.
Tofu benedict on potato cake with hollandaise

4th course an order of potato salad.  It is so amazing we felt the love must be tried by the "newcomer".
Red potato salad
Lastly the deconstructed twix.  I had this during Valentines from the special menu.  They have raised the bar on this dish which I didn't think was possible.  The dish now has a constructed and deconstructed twix bar.  The chocolate melts in your mouth.  It was the perfect ending to our Easter Feast.

Deconstructed Twix

Easter was amazing this year.  Wonderful food and company.  This is one for the books.

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