Friday, July 22, 2011

An evening of Soul Food with music for the soul

While Prince was in town my friend and I were fortunate enough to get tickets to see the concert. We decided to go to dinner first at  Stuff I Eat.  I'd heard about it for months and boy was I excited to try out the food.  I couldn't believe this Soul Food Platter was a half order.

Organic Soul Food Platter 1/2 order
My friend ordered the Enchilada Pie.  I think that's next on my list.  It looked AMAZING!

Enchilada Pie

More goodies that came with the soul food plate.
Kale greens that come with the Soul Food Platter

Black eyed Pea Soup  (Soul Food Platter)

In case you wanted another look

Next up was Prince.  What an evening.  The venue was packed and he put on a great show with many guest appearances.  Best $25 I even spent.  I couldn't believe how reasonable the tickets were.  This night will go down in the books.  Wonderful evening!

Are you ready for us Prince?

Chakka Khan
What is your most memorable concert?


  1. The enchilada pie is FANTASTIC, as is their funky chunky dessert (did you try that?)

  2. We did share the funky chunky dessert. It was out of this world! Gobbled it up so quickly I had no time for a picture. Can't wait to try the enchilada pie.

  3. I have to try Stuff I Eat at some point. I need a reason to go to Inglewood....