Thursday, August 25, 2011

Anything you can do I can do better

Is it wrong that this song was in my head?  Well I couldn't help it.  As I walked around on the Urban Food Crawl this song kept going through my head.  I know it's silly but I was so excited I couldn't help myself.  Maybe the lyrics should have been  "Anything you can do we can do better" (or at least we can do it just as well as you can).

I became Vegan about 1 1/2 years ago.  Since then I'd seen lots of websites offering food crawls throughout Los Angeles.  Sadly, I thought, I would never be able to go on one as they weren't Vegan friendly.  However, my prayers were answered and the  Urban Food Crawl entered my life.  It was as if they created this just for me.

Here is the description on their website:

Urban Food Crawl is a food exploration to discover the best, most delicious vegan dishes while taking in the captivating beauty of historic Downtown LA. It’s an eco-friendly, weekly walking tour with six different stops—from artisan pizza to vegan Menudo—that showcase the tasty, flavorful food that Downtown LA restaurants have to offer. 

Sure, food tours have been done before—but this will be the first opportunity for people to enjoy dishes made with only vegan ingredients. It can give people with food allergies more ideas of where to eat in LA. It can show people who are not vegan about where to experience delectable, compassionate vegan food. And it supports local businesses, which are more than thrilled to share insider info about their dishes with

I didn't need to read another word I was in.  As an added bonus the people who signed up for the first tour would get a goodie bag.

Here are a few photos from the tour.

Rupee Sandwich

Stuffed Avocado

 This salad was a bonus.  It wasn't on the menu but the owner made it especially for the tour.

Grilled Peach Salad

Heirloom Tomato Pizza

Field Mushroom Pizza

Goodie bag

 This menudo was so good.  I'd never been interested in trying menudo when I wasn't vegan but boy was this good.  Nice and spicy.

Vegan Menudo

Menudo & Veg. ground beef and pickle taco

Enchiladas de espinacas y papas

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Babycake Blondies
This crawl was amazing and well thought out.   Great food, new foodie friends, and a good walk.  What more could a girl want.  They are planning on adding other locations down the line.  This was a fantastic day.  I am definitely attending their future tours.

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