Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vegan MoFo: Vegan Lobster Roll

I love going to the farmer's markets and looking for new, interesting food to cook.  I'd never seen fresh lobster mushrooms before so when I found these I knew I would be making the Spork Foods Lobster Roll I'd had in class a few months back but never made.

I'm mean look at these beauties wouldn't you want to cook with them?


Look how colorful

When I got home I put the mushrooms away forgetting about them.  Luckily one look at what The Jolly Fox made with her mushrooms, after our market adventure, reminded me.  It was time to hunker down and make my rolls.  Boy did hers look tasty.  These rolls are my "homage" to The Jolly Fox because without her post I would have forgotten about these tasty items.

Prepping for cooking
It didn't take long to pull this together.  I liked that the recipe called for some capers as I am a huge fan and loved the contrast.  As an added treat I put this on squaw bread from Homeboy Bakery.  They sell the most amazing breads at my local farmer's market.  I lightly toasted the bread before putting the delicious mushroom filling on it.  PERFECTION!
Cooked up filling
If only this were my lunch today.

What are your favorite types of breads?  Most creative use of mushrooms?

The Roll


  1. I love farmer's market mushrooms! They always have the coolest assortment at mine. I got the idea from Chloe Coscarelli's blog to do shredded oyster mushroom tacos. Mmmmmm, the texture was so great too. They shred so easily into these cool little strips, so I decided to shred a bunch and put them in hot and sour soup :9

  2. That's so beautifully messy looking.

    I have to admit that I don't care much for mushrooms-- the texture of every mushroom bothers me. Even plain old white mushrooms. But several years back, I made a savory tart where the mushrooms were sauteed in port and seasoned with nutmeg... sounds like a strange combination but it was so so good.

  3. Oh man, this looks so yummy--it looks so creamy and full of great textures and flavors. I've only cooked with lobster mushroom once...they are pretty spectacular I agree. I love their color. I'll have to keep my eyes open for some to try again with that sandwich.

  4. That Squaw bread was so good. SO GOOD. I need another one, like, right now. So glad you enjoyed your lobster mushroom roll too. One day I will have to peek at those New England class recipes. ;)

  5. I have dreamt of these lobster mushrooms since I first learnt of them. Maybe this year I'll find some....maybe....

  6. I've never seen those before, the colour is amazing!