Monday, February 27, 2012

Book Club Brunch

Marbled Banana Bread

I am so backed up on my blog posts it's sad.  How is it almost March?  This quick post should show you there is lots more to come.  Hmmmm maybe a resolution should have been don't forget your blog.

Around the Christmas holiday(stop gasping yes I said Christmas) it was my turn to host our book club meeting.  I love a good brunch brunch.  Breakfast and lunch together AMAZING!  I was looking for a reason to make brunch for friends and now I had it.  The recipe hunt began!

Post punk kitchen has become a great resource when I am not at home but want to get the juices flowing.  The marbled banana breadSwiss Chard Fritta (made with kale) and Raspberry Jam Swirl Crumbcake were the first few items that caught my eyes.

Raspberry Jam Swirl Crumbcake
All of these turned out great!  Although I didn't get a picture I also made some grilled asparagus with some lemon on them.

Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate chip cookies

Orange Cranberry muffins
And the food madness continued.  I know it's been a great day with friends when you send them home with some food.

It was a great day with food, lively conversation and Bloody Mary's.

Kale Frittata
This was the first brunch I've made since becoming vegan and I will be doing it again and again and again!

Portebello Salad

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  1. You're back to blogging! YAY! This was a delicious spread, as was last night. Thank you for feeding me. I had yummy veggies, olives and dip for lunch. And it's possible I've also eaten a cookie, a cookie dough bite, the rest of my caramel and a slice of cherry-chocolate loaf. ;) Looking forward to future posts.