Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shut the front door Vegan Brisket

I'm not ashamed to say it my mom makes an AMAZING brisket.  I think that's one of the dishes I miss the most since becoming vegan.  Perhaps it's the combo of childhood memories, comfort food and my mums cooking.

When I came across a recipe for red wine braised "brisket" I was thrilled.  This was calling to me demanding to be made.

Fortunately I had made a batch of "beef" seitan a few days earlier and was trying to dream up something to make with it.  The recipe also suggest letting the seitan marinade in the broth overnight.  I don't think I could have waited that long.

The smells wafting through the kitchen were wonderful.  I couldn't wait to try this.  It was fantastic.  A perfect blend of spices, broth and wine.  It took me back to my mothers kitchen.

Almost ready
In fact it was so good I made another one the following day.  In that batch I added a few more carrots and potatoes as I love those with the brisket.

"Brisket" before sliced
This is a keeper!  Flavorful, rich, yummy goodness.  Run to your kitchen and make it now.  I think I'm in love.


  1. Wowza! I want to eat this, where is the recipe? Thanks a bunch!

  2. Dawn there is a link to the recipe in the post. It was worth it. So yummy!!!