Monday, April 16, 2012

Truffles anyone?

I love making yummy treats for my friends and co-workers to enjoy.  Cookie dough brings back fond memories of making cookies and trying to get the dough on the sheet and not in my mouth.  You might think this happened well I was little but not true.  As an adult I can often be found eating the cookie dough before it has a chance to hit the oven.  YUMMY!  Discovering this recipe was a dream come true.  Cookie dough covered in chocolate HEAVEN!

Chocolate Truffles

I've had good success with the recipes from Chef Chloe.  This isn't one of those throw it together recipes so if you are planning to make them make sure you set enough time aside.  Let me tell you now the outcome is well worth it.

The vegan cookie dough doesn't have the same texture I remember non vegan cookie dough having,  but it is delicious.

I've made these truffles a few times and they are always a hit!  Little cookie dough balls of chocolaty goodness.  The woman I share a room with at work is always happy when I walk in with these treats.

Not going to last long

Beware these can be addictive!

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