Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wicked Mac & Cheese

"Something wicked this way comes".... well in this case the wicked is Chef Chloe's Mac & Cheese.  I've been looking at this recipe for awhile now and decided to try it.

"Cheese" sauce
This mac & cheese is wickedly good.  After some long days and hours at work comfort food sounded perfect.  I haven't made mac & cheese much since becoming vegan.

A little steamy
I figure since it has broccoli it must be healthy.

Ready for the cheese sauce
This was wonderful and I will be making it again.

Sadly I didn't get a picture of the mac & cheese about to be served but I think these give you an idea.

Do you have a favorite mac & cheese recipe?


  1. I just had a look at this recipe and it sounds great! I'll have to try it out soon, thanks!

  2. I've yet to meet a vegan mac and cheese recipe I haven't liked! Quite tempted to add this one to my recipe stash! Broccoli in mac and cheese is a genius idea - when it's not too expensive, I tend to chuck in a handful of asparagus too!

    1. I love that idea of asparagus in your mac & cheese. YUM.

  3. I love the VegNews mac n cheese and I recently saw one during mofo that I want to try. Yours has made me so hungry!!

    1. OK two suggestions for VegNews mac & cheese now it's on my list.

  4. Wow, that is so fabulously cheezy - thanks for linking to the recipe! And kudos to you for adding some veggies to the mix - I'm usually such a cheat. :)

    adrienne at