Tuesday, August 27, 2013

To theme or not to theme that is the question

Hi fellow bloggers....
I know many of you are participating in Vegan MoFo.  I've been trying to figure out for days if I should do a theme again this year.  Last year I had a theme for each day of the week.  Perhaps I should just  wing it and see where I end up.  I did feel like the theme helped but my creative juices aren't flowing.

Thoughts anyone???  HELP PLEASE 


  1. I'd rather just see what you're eating and baking during the month instead of having a theme, but you do what's most fun for you!

  2. An easy "theme" to follow would be food based on the day of the week. E.G. Monday would be healthy to start the week off right, Friday would be different homemade pizzas because pizza and Friday night go together, and Sunday would be different breakfast foods.

    You could also go for silly alliteration and rhymes. Monday Bun-day, think hot-cross buns, cinnamon buns, etc. or Saturday Caturday where you post funny pictures of cats (and other animals) to give yourself an easy day of posting.

  3. Hmm, it's hard to decide isn't it! I did weekly themes last year and tried to make stuff on the weekends and drafted up some posts in advance which worked pretty well. Although I think I actually managed more blog posts the previous years when I had no specific theme and decided as I went along!

  4. If you've not got a theme in mind right now, you could always see if one appears later on? And either way, whether you theme or not, you know we're going to be enjoying reading them. Your theme could be being themeless?

  5. Theme, theme, theme, hmm. Just throwing this out here, but what about a color? Like each dish will have something green, or orange, or whatever color you choose, but it's consistent all month long. Thanks for stopping by my site!

  6. It is my first time participating in Vegan Mofo and because I am not full time vegan, it is a challenge on it's own. So I decided not really to go with a theme and just wing it. My first post just went up :)

    I will certainly be checking back here :)