Sunday, September 1, 2013


Wow time sure flies.  I'm so excited to be joining Vegan MoFo for my 4th year. It's a wonderful month of Vegan blogging.  There is amazing support from fellow bloggers out there.  It's really a fantastic month.

I want to thank my friend Giselle for her creative inspiration.  She thought of and made my new blog header.  Thank you so much!

As those of you who have read my blog know I've been trying to figure out if I should do a theme this year.  I couldn't find the creative inspiration I hoped to come up with, something witty and clever, so I've decided not to do a theme.... although I will be focusing mostly on desserts.   Perhaps if I start planning now a clever theme will find it's way in for next year.

Pee Wee Potato Salad

I've now gone twice to Crossroads and have enjoyed my visits both times.  The food is so good.  The first time I went with my friend over at Hugger Food.  She called to see if I was interested in joining her as Crossroads was participating in Dine LA Week.  Four course menu for $25 I jumped at the chance!

Dine LA Menu

The menu was amazing and it was difficult to decide what to pick for my dinner that evening.

Wood Roasted Okra

 I've always been a little wary of okra but decided I should give it another try.  This dish was the hero of the night for me and that's saying a lot as I love chocolate.  The okra was AMAZING!

Pappardelle Bolognese

I left that evening feeling satisfied and happy.  The food did not disappoint.

Chocolate Ganache Tartlet

 My second venture was for lunch.  I met some friends, who are meat eaters and everyone LOVED their meal.

Kale Salad

 The staff was attentive, nice and helpful.  There was a nice selection of options for lunch.

Special Sandwich of the day

I went for the Sandwich special of the day which was filled with lovely, delicious mushrooms.  So good I forgot to write down the name and I even bought one to take home for dinner.

Potato Chips

 The chips had a nice kick to them and were light and crunchy.  YUM!

Chocolate Croissant

OMG this croissant was flaky and sinful.  Loved it and I would like to have many more.

Chocolate Ganache Tartlet

My friends got the Chocolate Genache Tartlet and they were in heaven!

The restaurant is a high end small plates / tapas place.  It was worth the trip both times but that being said I do want to mention that it is a pricier menu.  I hope to be going back there again soon.

Happy MoFoing everyone!


  1. No theme with a focus on dessert? I couldn't ask for more! Crossroads sounds similar to Vedge in Philly: a great splurge. I'm especially impressed by their kale salad tower (and that's saying a lot because I too love chocolate). Happy MoFo!!

  2. I've heard good things about Crossroads, too, even all the way over here across the Pond!

    Happy MoFo!


  3. Wow those dishes look great! Now I am hungry ;)

  4. Beautiful looking food. Making me hungry and I've just had lunch! Like the new blog header too.

  5. So many different foods in one post and they all look amazing!