Friday, September 20, 2013

Beetroot Pots de Creme

Perhaps I'm the only one who does this, months ago, I was purchasing some chocolate chips and accidentally bought bittersweet instead of semi-sweet.  Le sigh!  They were put on the bottom of my pantry, neglected and looked a little lonely.  Happily I spotted a recipe for Pots de Creme in Vedge: 100 Plates Large and Small that Redefine Vegetable Cooking.  The recipe called for, can you guess, that's right bittersweet chocolate chips.

This recipe is so simple to put together... A little chocolate, some coconut milk, and some beetroot juice. Yes, you read it correctly.  I loved this unique addition.  I made them this morning and brought a few to work as I feared I would be tempted over the weekend and eat them all.

These are wickedly good.  They are rich so if you are in a sharing mood splitting one might be a good idea.  My co-worker is loving it and already eyeing the second one in the refrigerator.

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  1. OOh, another recipe from your new book! With beetroot juice no less. Nice!!
    Must check out this book now.