Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vegan MoFo: Pumpkin Muffins

It's the perfect time of year for pumpkin bread and muffins.  I have been craving pumpkin baked good for months now and was excited when I found some canned pumpkin in the store.

Yippee back at the markets

I found a recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance  for the Best Pumpkin Muffins.  I've made this recipe before and it was a delicious.  As I had a friend coming into town to stay with me I thought I would make a batch.  They have a great combination of flavors and the spices just pop.  

Some of the wonderful spices used for this recipe

Sift the dry ingredients together.

Dry Mix

Wet Mixture

Muffin Mixture ready for muffin tins

This recipe comes together rather quickly.
Muffins ready for cooking

mmmm ready to eat and smell WONDERFUL

ready to eat

Delicious and moist

These muffins are a huge hit.  Everyone who got one enjoyed them.  Next time I think I'll need to double the recipe.


  1. Oh man, I LOVE pumpkin...and those muffins are the best! Do you have Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World? There's a recipe in there for pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes and they're pretty much the most awesome cupcakes ever.

    Happy MoFo! :)

  2. Thanks for the tip. I do have Vegan Cupcakes take over the world but I have yet to try one of the recipes. I will check it out.

  3. These are sooo pretty! As you might have noticed, I'm currently indulging in my love for pumpkins too. I might have more pumpkin recipes coming up soon!
    Happy MoFo! :D

  4. Those look great. Gonna have to give them a try. I'm trying to find things to make for friends so that they see I'm not crazy and that this is really good food!

  5. I've got a leftover can of pumpkin in the cupboard from Thanksgiving. I will have to hunt down this recipe and try these out.