Friday, August 12, 2011

What was I thinking

When you moved into your house was there a room you wanted to remodel?  For me there were  two rooms on that list, the kitchen and the bathroom.  After 10+ years I have finally started the kitchen remodel.  Who knows if I'll ever get to the bathroom.

My kitchen is a galley kitchen with the laundry room at the very end.  I decided to take out the wall and raise the floor.  This will give me a large kitchen with more storage and counter top space.  This was done in January.
Roof raising up

Outside view

Back door and windows

How I wish I had better pictures of the old kitchen.  The counter tops on one side were not even.
Old kitchen

My kitchen still functioned however I had to wait on the cabinets before demo work could start. After some delays and issues with cabinets the remodel started again.

Windows to raise
The kitchen was packed up and now lives in the dining / living rooms.

Plumbing and electrical needed to be done.  Look at all the holes in the walls.

Living room / dining room

I know it's a box but it has my beautiful new sink in it

Ready for some new cabinets.
Demoed kitchen

Long and narrow

Look ma no windows

Lots of cabinet space
Starting to take shape.

Cooktop will go here

I am still a few weeks away as there have been some unforseen problems / issues.  You always forget about the "surprises" that can happen and therefore slow down the process.  However everyday when I come home it's a little like Christmas.  There is always something new to see.  I know I'll be thrilled with the final result.

I'll post some picture when it's finally done.  I can't wait for my first cooking extravaganza.

What room do you want to remodel?


  1. So cool!!! Keep posting those pics as the remodel continues!!

  2. omg this is so exciting! I want to go back and visit. Will the washer and dryer still be at the end? Or is it going somewhere else??

  3. @Miri!!!!!! My favorite gnome. The washer and dryer have moved into the garage to add some space to the kitchen. Come visit!!!!

    @vegantummy Thanks! I will keep posting. Hoping to have kitchen up and running soon.