Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Black garlic mashed potatoes

My love for garlic know no bounds.  I'm always happy when there is a little extra garlic in a dish.  Perhaps some of you find this odd as I know there are many who don't share my love.

When I heard about black garlic I knew this would be used in a future dish.  Garlic mashed potatoes are always a crowd favorite and once a recipe in Veganize this for  black garlic mashed potatoes was found I was sold.

These potatoes were so GOOD.  Creamy and decadent.  I was happy about the leftovers for future meals.

Yummy creamy goodness

Can you see the flecks of black garlic?
What's your favorite garlic dish or should I say dish with garlic?


  1. Garlic anything! Just about....I went to the garlic festival many many years ago and wasn't really a fan of garlic ice cream but I share your passion for garlic...I made garlicky greens with quinoa, potatoes [diced] and even garlicky rice I love roasting garlic and adding it to whatever it is I feel like eating....i.e. garlicky black & pinto beans on a bed of a baked tostada with finely chopped kale, tomatoes, corn, avocado.

  2. Those ideas sound great. I agree roasted garlic is a great addition to a dish. I made some roasted garlic soup the other day and it was out of this world. The garlicy beans with kale, tomatoes,corn and avocado sounds great. I'm ready for dinner.