Sunday, September 18, 2011

Go Dad GO

My father has been trying to eat vegan as much as he can because of health reasons.  Here is part of an email he sent to me.  It put a huge smile on my face reading what he wrote.  He isn't always vegan these days but it makes me so happy that he is excited about trying a new way of eating and is enjoying the food he's been making.

His email:

I had that void feeling...i.e. empty stomach as my bulk is down.
Had my all purpose vege fruit drink for breakfast, but around 9 was starving.
(breakfast for me is around 4am)
I looked in the Neal Barnard md book (great book wonder where I found it? chuckle)
and found black bean burrito with sweet potato. Beans already made, had sweet potato,
cooked it six min. threw small 5in corn tortillas in skillet loaded 'em up and was DONE!
Notice I said starving, so thought I could eat 4 and finish beans.
I was stuffed at three and have burrito mix left for three more.! another meal.

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