Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vegan MoFo: Grilled Steak & Cremins with garlic, sherry & rosemary sauce

Today hasn't been a great day at work.  Things got crazy and well you know how that goes.  Frustration, annoyance and a  desire to hurt people,  well at least when ranting.  I didn't want to miss posting for mofo so I've thrown together a few words about my meal.

When I'm feeling a bit down I'm always up for some comforting food and boy could I use some today.

Grilled mushrooms
Bella goodness!
Beef Seitan

I have a love for all things mushroom so when I came across this recipe in Veganize This I had my dinner planned.  The recipe calls for cremini mushrooms (aka baby bellas).  MMM I'm sure a lovely treat is in store.

I used my grill pan to cook up the mushrooms and "beef" seitan.  Perfection!  Add the sauce and you had a filling meal with many layers of flavor. It's amazing how rich this dish was.  It seemed really sinful.  I will be making this dish again.

Garlic, sherry, rosemary sauce
Do you have a favorite recipe in Veganize This?  Hope all of you are having a wonderful day.  Here's to a fantastic tomorrow!

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  1. That beef seitan looks sooooo amazing! **droooling**