Friday, October 28, 2011

Vegan MoFo: Passion Fruit and melon

After another long week at work and discovering my blog was down I decided to throw together something really simple.  Truth be told I think my sister is a bit of a food genius.  Cooking comes naturally to her and she has been throwing together recipes since we were little.

A few weeks ago, during a weekly visit to the farmers market, my sister was thrilled to see they still had passion fruits.  I've seen them before but always stayed away from them.  Not sure why.  She insisted I try one and now I'm hooked.
The more wrinkles the better (or so I'm told)
On first try I would have passed these up.  They are very tart.  But my sister sang their praises and I purchased some, well because she told me to.  When we arrived at her house she made a sauce with them to put on top of yogurt or fruit.  It was heavenly.

Passion Fruits

Realizing I still had a few of these "beauties" around I decided to do the same thing.  I cut open the fruits and put them into a sauce pan and cooked it down with a bit of sugar.  I would add the sugar to taste.  I tend to like it a little more on the tart side than others.  Don't let the black seeds scary you they are edible.
The sauce
wonderful melon
I had a gorgeous melon and I thought it would be wonderful with this passion fruit sauce.  It was great. I think in the future I might add a touch of mint as well.  

Easy to put together and delicious.

Favorite way to eat passion fruit?



  1. Oh my gracious, this sauce looks amazing! i have always wanted to buy passion fruits but never knew what to do with them! You (and your sister) have saved the day!!

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