Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vegan MoFo: Simplicity at it's best

Persimmons oh how I love you.  They almost look like little pumpkins what's not to love.  My local farmer's market has been selling Fuyu persimmons so I bought an entire bag.  Who wouldn't?  I'm hoping they stick around awhile so I have months of enjoyment ahead of me.

Fuyu's are crunchy like an apple.  You can eat these whole (skin and all) , chopped up in a salad, baked and dried.  I saw a recipe for baked persimmons using Fuyu's and decided to try it.

I used this recipe from Color Me Vegan.  The cinnamon was a wonderful addition.  I sliced these really thin and kept the "design" of the fruit while doing so.  These turned out moist and flavorful.  I didn't have yogurt on the side as I couldn't take the time to get the yogurt.  I just wanted to inhale them when they came out of the oven. I shared a few with co-workers who loved them.  This time it was hard to share as I loved them so.

Look at the gorgeous color

I will be making these again and again.  Can't wait to get more from the farmer's market.  They are beautiful aren't they?  What's your favorite way to eat persimmons?

Right out of the oven


  1. I love them and just tend to eat them whole or I put them in a smoothie. I've never seen crunchy ones in the UK.

  2. For some reason I have never had this fruit! I should rectify that this season

  3. They look beautiful! I don't think I've ever tried a persimmon so I'll try to find some soon ;)

  4. @ Tea and Sympatico I had only used the soft ones before. The crunchy version are newer to my world but boy are they good.

    @Mandee & Sarah If you try some let me know what you think